With Samawa Seaside Cottages’s own dive guide, both beginners and experienced divers can explore Flores Sea and Saleh bay which is famous as world aquarium. Some of the best dive sites are located in Samawa Seaside Cottages beach front.

Dive Sites

SS Sumbawa Wreck (+1890)

SS Sumbawa (+1890) offers exciting experience about  British wreck. Date lost December 30, 1890 cause of fire. More than a hundred years this wreck became favorite dive sites. The depth is no more than 25m depth.


Samawa Seaside Cottages concern with the rehabilitation of coral. Own six pots of the coral which is powered by the electricity.
Samawa Seaside Cottages sangat memperhatian terumbu karang, terbukti 6 pot rehabilitasi karang hingga saat ini tumbuh dengan baik.
Sea Wall: A reef wall with a vertical face descends 40m. Reef fish and gorgonian fans are plentiful. This reef is also a great site for night diving.

Labuan Aji Reef

Labuan Aji offers excellent wall diving. The wall descends vertically to more than 50 metres. Batfish, pelagics, lobster and reef fish are plentiful along this undersea mountain. Labuan Aji is a 30-minutes boat ride from the camp.

Panjang Slope

This long, ocean-facing reef, with its varying currents, is frequented by pelagics and sharks. A variety of corals and a wealth of giant sponges and sea fans make Panjang Slope a delight for open-water divers.

Panjang Timur

Panjang Timur is a deep slope harbouring a variety of hard and soft coral, including staghorns, gorgonian fans and sponges. An abundance of reef fish and larger pelagics, including Napoleon wrasse and eagle rays, can be found.

Tanjung Menangis

For advanced divers, Tanjung Menangis is a shore wall that drops to more than 100m. Tuna, mackerel, sharks and other pelagics inhabit this fast drift dive site.

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